Mediterranean Intercultural Co-creation

The "Morbicrea" workshop centers on "Mediterranean Intercultural Co-creation," engaging children and adults from diverse Mediterranean backgrounds (Tunisia, France, Italy) in collaborative training and creation. The workshops aim to produce augmented books, fostering a playful atmosphere that showcases Mediterranean heritage through a child-friendly approach, leveraging animation techniques, especially for augmented reality (AR) integrations.

Artworks generated by participants, notably children, are adapted into augmented books and published by MORBIKET, emphasizing the importance of visual storytelling and filmmaking techniques. Workshops evolve to focus on animation methods, encouraging active involvement through drawing and tool experimentation, particularly in stop-motion animation, fostering creative engagement.

Supported by the Anna Lindh Foundation and in collaboration with BIST, La Cerise sur le Gâteau, and Tawassel association, this initiative lays the groundwork for future sessions. These sessions will further explore cultural specificities from three cities, employing stop-motion techniques to animate children's ideas in a playful and educational manner, enriching their understanding of Mediterranean heritage.